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            your location:Home ? Product ? QX3400 Synchronous Boost DC / DC Converter
            QX3400 Synchronous Boost DC / DC Converter

            QX3400 is a high-efficiency PWM synchronous boost DC / DC converter, which can provide efficient power system solutions.

            The operating voltage of the QX3400 is between 0.9V and 5.0V, with a fixed operating frequency of 1.4MHz. These characteristics greatly reduce the volume and capacity of the externally connected inductor and capacitor, reduce the cost of the entire power supply system and reduce the space of the circuit board.

            The QX3400 provides an output voltage of 2.5V to 5.0V and uses an internal synchronous switch to provide efficient conversion efficiency without Schottky diodes.

            When the output voltage of the QX3400 is 3.3V, a single AA battery can provide more than 260mA, and two AA batteries can provide more than 600mA.

            QX3400 is available in SOT23-6 package.

            ? Maximum conversion efficiency: 96%

            ? Low starting voltage: 0.9V

            ? Shutdown current: less than 1uA

            ? Input voltage: 0.9V ~ 5.0V

            ? Output voltage: 2.5V ~ 5.0V (using Schottky diode can be as high as 5.2V)

            ? Low switch on-resistance RDS_ON

            ? Fixed switching frequency: 1.4MHz

            ? High switch conduction current: 1A

            ? Short circuit protection

            Typical application circuit diagram

            Stay tuned for updates!

            ? Digital camera, MP3, PDA, cellular phone

            ? Cordless phone, modem, PC card

            ? Portable media player