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            QX5306 Boost high-power LED constant current driver

            QX5306 is a high-efficiency, high-precision boost type high-power LED lamp constant current drive control chip.

            QX5306 has a built-in high-precision error amplifier, fixed off-time control circuit, constant current drive circuit, etc. It is especially suitable for constant current drive of high-power, multiple high-brightness LED light strings.

            QX5306 can control the drive current of high-brightness LED lamp by adjusting the external current sampling resistor, so that the brightness of LED lamp can reach the expected constant brightness. Adding a PWM signal to the DIM terminal can also perform dimming of the LED light.

            QX5306 adopts a fixed off-time control method. Its off-time can be set by external resistors. It uses built-in compensation technology, no external compensation capacitors are needed, and it has built-in output overvoltage protection function. .

            QX5306 is available in SOP8 package.

            ? Wide input voltage range: 7V ~ 24V

            ? High efficiency: up to 95%

            ? CS current limiting protection voltage: 500mV

            ? FB current sampling voltage: 250mV

            ? Chip power supply undervoltage protection: 5.8V

            ? Adjustable off time

            ? Built-in compensation technology

            ? Built-in output OVP function

            Typical application circuit diagram


            Stay tuned for updates!

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